The Invention of History. Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Showcasing of Imagination

Also available from bookshops in Yerevan.

16.5×24 cm, 172 pp, with 69 colour images and maps.

Publisher: Personal and On-line publication.

Language: Persian (Ja’ale tarikh. Azerbaijan, Armanestan va jedal bar sare owham)

A brief history of the region, with emphasis on the Azerbaijani falsifications of the history of the region. Repudiation of their false claims and exposing the destruction of Armenian cultural monuments found in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and elsewhere. The book confirms the existence of Armenia in the region for over two millenniae. It also emphasizes the existence of the Iranian Province of Azerbaijan and the absence of such a country in the north of the Arax River and Iran prior to 1918.

Book categories: Culture, History, and Persian